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Cu Chi Tunnels and the Mekong Delta are considered as two of the most popular tourism destinations in Vietnam. While 2 days are more than enough to explore those places, the package tour that you are about to be introduced here will give you the most memorable time that you will be impressed.

What are Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta?
It was mentioned above that Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta are considered as two of the most famous destinations to visit in Vietnam, but it didn’t happen without a reason. Located about 60 kilometers from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels is a smaller version of the military basement of Cu Chi army and people in the resistance against the 30 years of independence and freedom for the country. It can be said that Cu Chi Tunnels is a symbol of the heroic war in Vietnam, therefore become a rising star on the travel tours.

The Cu Chi Tunnels is approximately 250 kilometers long. What really attracts tourists to visit the place is the complicate and winding tunnels that were built underground, all connect together and spread like hundreds of octopus’s legs. Each tunnel and rooms in the Cu Chi Tunnels were built for a different purpose, such as tunnels, trenches, mounds, battlefields, food tunnels, sleeping, meeting, kitchen, water wells, stockpiles... Many Cu Chi Tunnels tours have been designed so foreign customers can have the chance to explore it.

The tunnels of the Cu Chi are various in shape, some are narrow, some are spacious, some are small, some you have to crawl to actually move. All in all, it is a well-designed and easily confused structure that will excite you.

If the Cu Chi Tunnels represent Vietnamese history, the Mekong Delta will represent the stunning, natural but peaceful and quiet sceneries of Southern Vietnam. Once join a Mekong Delta tour, tourists are charmed by the vast fruit orchards and the ride on the small wooden boat through the rivers that flow into the sea of the Mekong River, listen to tai tu singing and enjoy the specialties of Southern tourists.

Mekong Delta contains every culture symbol of Vietnam, from the friendly people to the amazing custom and the delicate beauty of the countryside. The combination of Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta create such a wonderful memory in the mind of foreign travelers.
That is why we highly recommend you to visit these two places in Vietnam as soon as possible. Instead of looking for Mekong Delta tour and Cu Chi Tunnels tour separately, here is an amazing package travel tour that contains both destinations, with a short but quality schedule. You will definitely be impressed.
Short sum-up of your schedule in Mekong Delta and Cu Chi Tunnels
Day 1: Exploring Cu Chi Tunnels
You will be picked up early at your hotel and begin your Cu Chi tour. Along the way to Cu Chi from Ho Chi Minh City, we will pass by the scenic local countryside, with peaceful images of farmers working on their rice fields, ducks and buffalos feeding, green mountains standing with white clouds covering the tops, and so much more. The countryside of Vietnam has a charming beauty that can touch every person’s heart, so I can guarantee you that it is gonna be a sight that worth seeing.

After spending a whole morning exploring the complicate tunnels of Cu Chi, that I’m sure you will be impressed and enjoy seeing around, the tour guide shall take you to Cai Be on a 2-hour road trip.
Cai Be is also a stunning countryside of Vietnam and also the place where you will be spending the night. You shall receive your room at the lovely small homestay, then biking along the countryside road to get to know the locals going about their day. The day ends perfectly with an interesting cooking class and a nice, delicious dinner.

Day 2: Visit Mekong Delta
You shall begin your second and also the last day with the delicious breakfast, then take a leisure boat trip to explore the picturesque tributaries of the Lower Mekong River (Bassac River). The peaceful water area, surrounded by the calm and relaxing atmosphere of Mekong Delta shall ease your mind and help you get rid of the stress. Remember to bring a hat though, because it might be sunny in the Mekong.

You also get a chance to visit Cai Rang floating market which is the liveliest one in the whole of the region, where you can buy tons of delicious local food and products for souvenirs. The last two destinations to see in the Mekong Delta tour, which are Binh Thuy communal house and Munir Ansay Pagoda are also worth visiting.

Why should you choose the Cu Chi and Mekong 2 days tour?
The Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta tour in 2 days, besides the reasonable price, comes with tons of convenient services. One of those is the A/c bus pick up. We understand that moving on long-distance roads in a short time can be quite tired, so the quality of the bus is very important. We only serve you with modern and fancy cars, to give you the best time in Vietnam.
Your tour will also be accompanied by an English-speaking and well-experienced tour guide, who will help you with everything you need throughout the journey. They will be responsible for introducing you the necessary information about the place, as well as take care of your comforts and coziness along the way.

The tour to Cu Chi and Mekong also include everything you need for a smooth trip, from entrance fees, delicious Vietnamese meals, cool-towels and mineral water to stay hydrated, boat trip... and many more.
Where to join Cu Chi and Mekong 2 days package tour?
If you are already excited for an amazing vacation in Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta, Vietnam in 2 days, contact Cuchitunnels.vn and book a tour with us right now! Don’t miss the chance to turn this summer vacation of yours into one of the most memorable time in your life.
We are honor and eager to serve you with the best vacation in Vietnam. Are you ready to explore with us?

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