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[Chưa chốt đoàn] Tìm bạn đồng hành trekking Annapurna Base Camp tại Nepal 15 ngày trong khoảng 2/11 đến 16/11/2022


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Transit qua Ấn thôi có vào đâu mà phải làm evisa hả bạn??
Vì tụi mình bay riêng hai hãng khác nhau đó bạn, ko phải 1 vé cùng 1 hãng bay transit tại Ấn và cũng ko vào khu vực transit nên phải làm thủ tục nhập cảnh vào Ấn độ. Với lại evisa Ấn xin cũng nhanh và không quá phức tạp.


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Currently, my group has closed the group with a group of 7 people, because I can't change the status of the title, I will always update the content :))
All booked tickets, waiting for the departure date, we trekking 9 days via Poonhill from Pokhara (April 26 to May 4, 2023)

1. Round trip ticket for 2 international routes SG <=> Dehli, Dehli <=> KTM: total 450$ ~11 million
- if you don't want to have to apply for an Indian visa, you can refer to Cathay's HK transit flight (the cheapest round-trip fare is about 14.15 million) or Sing is the cheapest for about 18 million, the sooner you book the ticket, the better the price + a little luck Good luck, but now $ is expensive
2. KTM domestic ticket <=> POK: $158 ~ 4 million (flight time 30 minutes)
- You can take the bus to Pokhara for about 8$/pax (7am-8pm), if you want to save more, you can find out the plan to take the night bus to Pok so you don't have to pay for a room.:)
3. Indian Evisa + Nepalese visa: $55
4. Landtour 9 days: 455$ + tip 45$
5. Travel insurance: 28$ ~700k
6. Meals: $100 (2 days in Kath, 2 days in Pokhara)
7. Dorm room is about 12$/2 pax for 4 nights about 25$/pax
8. Money for airport transportation, sim purchase, spending during trekking (paying for hot water, phone charger for example ..): 100$

If you just go there to trek and then return, the total cost is about ~ $ 1400, if you take a domestic bus, it will be ~ $ 1250 ~ 31 million

*** My group only made an appointment to be at Pokhara to go on the trek, in addition, my personal schedule was arranged by myself, I went a few days earlier than the trek schedule to experience things, watch the sunrise, paragliding in the mountains. Sarangkot, go around Pokhara and Kathmandu, so the cost will be higher than about $ 1600 / person ~ 40 million (estimated at the moment) but the actual situation, it is necessary to go back to know how much it is) :))
You are absolutely right


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