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All About Ben Dinh – Why Do People Only Visit It In Cu Chi Tunnels?


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The system of Cu Chi Tunnels is divided into two areas: the Ben Dinh and the Ben Duoc. For some reasons, visitors only allowed to enter Ben Dinh instead of Ben Duoc. Have you ever wondered why and what is so special about Ben Dinh, Cu Chi Tunnels?

What is Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam?
The Cu Chi Tunnels is a common name for all other tunnels in Cu Chi, a suburban district located approximately 70 kilometers from the Ho Chi Minh City center. This is a unique revolutionary base registered in Vietnamese history. This tunnel system was created from simple tools such as shovels and bare hands of soldiers and compatriots of Cu Chi during the resistance period.
The Cu Chi Tunnels were the revolutionary activities area and this place was also deeply attached to the Vietnamese army and people during the resistance war against the US. So this place can also be considered a historical monument of the S-shaped country.
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The Cu Chi Tunnels is a famous historical relic in Southern Vietnam
After the war ended, the Cu Chi Tunnels area was recognized as a historical site and became an attractive tourist destination, attracting thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Currently, the monument is preserved in two locations, including Ben Dinh Tunnels (in Ben Dinh Hamlet, Nhuan Duc Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City) and Ben Duoc Tunnels (in Phu Hiep Hamlet, Phu My Hung Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City).
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Visitors exploring Ben Duoc, Cu Chi Tunnels
Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc are basically the same, both are a tunnel in the Cu Chi Tunnels. They differ only in location, area and their role in history. In each of the tunnels, visitors will be guided and introduced the history of the formation of the tunnels, monuments, and destinations of historical reproduction. After hours of experience in the tunnel, visitors will feel more interested and love this land of Cu Chi.
Introducing the Ben Dinh, Cu Chi Tunnels
As mentioned above, Ben Dinh relic belongs to Ben Dinh Hamlet, Nhuan Duc Commune, Cu Chi district. This place is an ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists. This tourist spot is located in the north of Cu Chi town, bordering on Saigon river and provincial road 15.55 kilometers from Saigon center.
Ben Dinh has a very favorable terrain, with a forest area stretching over 100 hectares, the tall, solid, hard-to-fall form lying on the banks of the Saigon River, in case the enemy marches in, we can move toward the river and retreat safely. Therefore, Cu Chi District Party Committee selected Ben Dinh as a basic base to lead and direct the army and people of Cu Chi in the fierce battle with the US Army from 1968 to 1975.
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Ben Dinh usually attract more visitors than Ben Duoc
The attraction of Ben Dinh Tunnels is probably due to its proximity to the city, the tunnel is easy to go underground and especially there are many fun activities for travelers to explore. Therefore, compared to Ben Duoc Tunnels, Ben Dinh is more attractive to tourists.
Coming to Ben Dinh Tunnels, first, visitors will see short documentaries in the hall and listen to the introduction of the history of formation and development of Cu Chi Tunnels. After reviewing the materials and understanding a little more about the tunnel, visitors will be able to visit the underground tunnel system, observe the accommodation, activities, meetings of the leaders of Cu Chi District Party Committee in the past as well as weapons manufacturing bunker, home-made weapons showcase and many more.
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The historical displayed in Ben Dinh, Cu Chi Tunnels
After hours of sightseeing, visitors can entertain by participating in games such as paintball shooting, defense sports shooting, swan boat, kayaking or cycling, sightseeing in the Cu Chi Tunnels area...
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At the end of the tour, visitors can visit the souvenir sales area to choose for themselves and friends meaningful souvenirs. The souvenir items here are mainly made from cartridges such as oil lamps, lighters, ballpoint pens, strap or bearded sandals made from used tires and high-class lacquer and fine art items...
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The shooting area where you can test your shooting skills with real guns
Compared to Ben Dinh, Ben Duoc is located further from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, which makes the place cost higher. In Ben Duoc there are also fewer guides than Ben Dinh. Moreover, the Ben Duoc campus is too wide to walk around, guests can only partially visit the place by electrical rides. Therefore, tourists often focus on Ben Dinh more. However, if you like you can still explore Ben Duoc.
How can you explore Ben Dinh, Cu Chi Tunnels?
There are often 2 ways for visitors to choose when visiting Cu Chi Tunnels: going by themselves or join a travel tour. The Cu Chi Tunnels is located not so far from Ho Chi Minh City, so you can plan yourself a tour and set foot on the place with various information on the internet.
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Cu Chi Tunnels travel experience

You can go on a Cu Chi Tunnels trip by yourself
If you are hesitating to go by yourself, CuChiTunnels.vn has a lot of interesting Cu Chi Tunnels tour to offer. You can explore the place in just half a day, in a whole full day or in 2 days, base on your schedule and reference. Whatever you want, CuChiTunnels.vn can arrange it all.
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You can also join a Cu Chi Tunnels tour
Those are the information you need to know about Ben Dinh, Cu Chi Tunnels. Are you excited to have a tour of your own? Wait no more and let CuChiTunnels.vn help you to have the most memorable time in Southern Vietnam.

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